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Rumour: Lion May Still Launch Today But It’s Looking Like The End of July

Recent rumours didn’t pan out – Mac OS X Lion did not launch at 1am today in the UK. There is still hope for a release today, but it’s looking more and more like the end of July if supply is any indication.

Understandably Apple wants to hold off on the release of new hardware until the release of Lion so the machines can ship with the new cat preinstalled. Despite previous rumours and part number leaks for new Macs, nothing has materialized as of yet.


AppleBitch looks to retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon as a means of determining when Lion, and in turn new Macs, will launch:

Apple could be preparing to launch a new white MacBook and Mac mini around July 26th, potentially opening the door for a launch of OS X 10.7 Lion around the same time. Major US Apple reseller Best Buy has been out of online stock of the Mac mini and the MacBook for some time now but are stating that both models will be back in stock around the 26th July. In addition,, while appearing to have plenty of stock of the Mac mini, are out of stock of the white MacBook and are also citing the end of July for in stock dates for the polycarbonate laptop.



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