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Overhauled Apple TV Software To Be Unveiled At WWDC And Will Be Used On Apple’s HDTV

As we get closer to WWDC, the reports and rumours are amping up. Today, BGR is claiming that Apple will unveil a much more feature rich Apple TV OS at WWDC – and that the OS will power Apple’s HDTV.

It comes as no surprise that Apple will release an update to its Apple TV Software at WWDC in beta form for developers to test. But this report is claiming that Apple will use this new OS on its yet to be released HDTV.

We’ve heard Apple is actively trying to court manufacturers to use a new “control out” API in order for third-party manufacturers to make accessories that are compatible with the new Apple TV OS and the upcoming “iTV.” It’s said that by using the API, it will be possible to control any connected components all from the Apple remote (and the Apple remote iOS app as well, we’re assuming).

This would be a huge change in the home theater landscape, which has until this point relied on a mess of thousands of infrared codes and physical cables in order for devices to be interoperable, or Wi-Fi-controlled apps for each component and piece of hardware.

The control out API is said to work with all aspects of various popular components, even allowing control over things like program guides on a cable operators’ set top boxes and other hardware components.

Our source believes Apple won’t actually show its physical TV at WWDC, but it’s certainly possible. Maybe Tim Cook and Apple are finally almost done “pulling that string.”

It’s only logical Apple would use its Apple TV Software or a variant thereof on an upcoming HDTV and it seems inevitable Apple will release a beta Apple TV Software for developers to test at WWDC . So to me, the credibility of an actual source providing these specifics regarding the HDTV is iffy. Time will tell, WWDC 2012 begins on June 11.

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