Posted on 3.0: “We’ll Be Back Soon.”

Today another teaser is posted on, this time making use of Apple’s own “back soon” sticky notes.

Update: 3.0 is now released!

This past week we have seen Comex’s beta leaked online by a beta tester and a git commit teaser image posted on the site. Now another new teaser has been posted today – a “we’ll be back soon” sticky – the same kind that Apple posts when their own website is being updated. This would seem to indicate that the site is being prepared with the new jailbreak right now and will be updated later today! provides a userland jailbreak, meaning the device can be jailbroken from within iOS by the user, in this case by issuing an exploit through Mobile Safari.


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2 thoughts on “ 3.0: “We’ll Be Back Soon.”


  2. Soon. Can not wait big mahalo to all the dev teams and all they do.

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