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iPod touch To Get 3G Or Possibly the iPhone Lite?

One site claims the iPod touch will get 3G capability this Fall.

A blog out of the Netherlands,, is reporting that a source tells them 3G and VoIP is coming to the iPod touch. How much credibility this has is anyone’s guess.

Via Google Translate:

Apple could be a source of ridicule us today to report that in September a new iPod Touch will be marketed. This will only happen simultaneously with the launch of the new iPhone. The specifications of the new iPod Touch did not fully resource our report, but knew the person telling us that the iPod Touch 3G will contain.

This will be as his work as the iPhone, where you have a 3G subscription from your ISP, then the SIM card into your iPod Touch key. The choice to add to 3G iPod Touch lineup is not even a very bad idea from Apple, it was obviously true. The only question is how this is received by the telecom farmers, since the use of Skype then will shoot up considerably.


Why would Apple do this? Wouldn’t it cannibalize sales of the iPhone? Well one thing they could do is disable cellular service and simply have the 3G implemented for data like the iPad. But can they cram a mobile chip in that thin body?

Another possibility is that maybe the iPod touch with 3G could be the rumoured iPhone lite that could compete with lower priced Android handsets.


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