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iPhone 5 To Use ARM S5L8950X Processor & SGX543RC* Graphics Chip

9to5Mac is claiming to have a source with access to an internal iOS 6 beta which makes references to the next-gen iPhone’s processor and graphics chipset.

The report indicates the device is referred to as “N41AP/iPhone5,1” in iOS 6 and is running Darwin Kernel 13.0.0 (newer than seen even in Mac OS X 10.8 which boasts a Darwin Kernel of 12.0.0).

The processor, referred to as S5L8950X, is said to still be internally referred to as part of the A5 family. The report also indicates the device is equipped with 1GB RAM and a yet unreleased GPU known as SGX543RC*.

They also have some more information on the maps app in iOS 6:

the GPS/Compass icon on the iPhone is not connected to a 3D icon. We were told that in the iPhone version of Maps, the 3D button is now under the bottom right scroll/menu to avoid accidentally hitting the wrong button. With that said, 3D maps are something used more on the iPad than an iPhone, which is often used for directions. Also, the buttons are bigger on the iPad making it easier not to accidentally hit the wrong button.

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