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iOS In-App Purchases Hacked To Be Free By Russian


A Russian hacker  has developed a method to buy in-app purchases for free using a proxy server. The method works on iOS 3 – 6 and does not require a jailbreak.

The hacker by the name of ZonD80 posted the above YouTube video showing the process. It involves installing 2 certificates/profiles on your device and changing the DNS to point to the proxy.

He has a website up, (currently down as of this writing from high traffic: service is down due to high load. We will come back ASAP. If you want to help us to buy new server – donate via paypal to which details the process and provides the necessary files for the hack/circumvention to work.

The method has been tested and is confirmed to work for most in-app purchases. While free in-app purchases are nothing new to the jailbreak community, this is the first time a method has been released for a non-jailbroken device to obtain free IAPs.

It will be interesting to see how long this hack continues to work.

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