iOS 5 GM Downloads

Check inside for links to download the Golden Master of iOS 5!

Note you will need your UDID registered to use pre-release software. Go here for that.

iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) – 710MB~

iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + GSM) – 720MB~
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + CDMA) – 722MB~
iPad 1 (All) – 700MB~
iPhone 4 (GSM) – 775MB~
iPhone 4 (CDMA) – 785MB~
iPhone 3GS – 670MB~
iPod Touch 4G – 760MB~
iPod Touch 3G – 640MB~
iTunes 10.5 beta 7 (Windows, 32-bit) – 75MB~
iTunes 10.5 beta 7 (Windows, 64-bit) – 76MB~
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    to “iOS 5 GM Downloads”

    1. Przemyslaw Przewozniak says:

      filesonic please

    2. YYY??? says:

      Y u no upload on filesonic or filesrve?


    3. Nishantbadyal says:

      Just registered via paypal for UDID.. Am i through?

    4. KK says:

      You guys at Appledrunk have been fantastic all the way with iOS 5 and its many beta’s. Many thanks!

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