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iOS 5 beta download!

Here’s a list of links for iOS 5 beta!

Apple TV 2G (4.4, 303.55MB)

iPad 1G (669.66MB)

iPad 2 (WiFi, 677.89MB)

iPad 2 (GSM, 685.17MB)

iPad 2 (CDMA, 691.77MB)

iPhone 3GS (609.2MB)

iPhone 4 (GSM, 730.2MB)

iPhone 4 (CDMA, 744.01MB)

iPod Touch 3G (578.16MB)

iPod Touch 4G (717.74MB)

iTunes 10.5 (Mac OS X, 71.55MB)

iTunes 10.5 (Windows x86/32-bit, 72.48MB)

iTunes 10.5 (Windows x64(64-bit, 74.07MB)



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3 thoughts on “iOS 5 beta download!

  1. are these official? heard of a few people getting “bricked”

    1. No these are official, it’s virtually impossible to brick an iPhone. A restore will cure any problems.

  2. Beware. I installed iOS5 this afternoon only to find a couple of my most-used apps didn’t work. I had to revert to iOS4.3.3 – this is possible, but you need to follow the instructions here:

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