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iOS 5 beta 3 Downloads

Check inside for links.

To use these betas you will need to get your UDID registered.

iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 Mac

iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 Windows

iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 Windows 64 bit


iOS 5 Beta 3 iPhone 4 GSM (Fixed!)

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPhone 4 CDMA

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPad 2 WiFi Only

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPad 2 CDMA

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPad 2 GSM

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPad

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPhone 3GS

Apple TV Beta 3 Software

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPod Touch (3rd gen)

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPod Touch (4th gen)

37 thoughts on “iOS 5 beta 3 Downloads

  1. anyone got a link for iOS 5 beta 3

  2. First links I have found.  Got iTunes now I just need the beta 3 for iPhone and iPad.

    1. error 14 is still happening on both your links

      1. I checked the files are they work fine. Try putting the device in DFU mode first. If that doesn’t work try removing and reinstalling iTunes.

        1. Dfu mode and reinstalling the latest beta iTunes doesn’t work for me.

  3. Nice!! Beta 3 is downloading smoothly . . . I just need iTunes 32 bit

  4. Wow, i must still be sleep cause its clearly the middle one -_-

  5. wheres the ipad 2 download?

  6. iPad 1G link please!!!!

  7. Help!  Getting Unknown Error (14)  What to do??

    1. Yep, I had that issue as well…seems some of Apple’s servers have a bad file..I’ll reupload it soon.

      1. Please let us know when you do!  Glad to hear its not just me!

      2. thanks a bunch! 

      3. Great! Downloading it all ready! Thank for the fast response

    2. I’m also getting this error, any help

    3. same here… 

    4. did you ever solve your error 14? What did you do? I have downloaded multiple versions, still always getting error 14? 

      1. Sorry about that guys, I’ll have to take those links down, should have working versions.

      2. Interesting, shows it was an issue with Apple’s servers…files were coming in as corrupted. I’ll try and get these reuploaded in a bit

  8. this is the ole itunes version (mac) i think

    1. old

  9. So what seems to be the problem? I’m still getting error 14?

    1. Not on the that new link. The old version was corrupt. Download it again.

      1. Thanks! I just need 57 Minutes more for the new link to download! I can’t wait 

      2. Still getting error 14 on the CDMA version

        1. These links are now fixed for anyone wondering.

  10. […] Make sure to paste your device’s UDID on the payment page so we can get it activated quickly. To find your UDID, take a look at this handy guide. A list of all iOS 5 beta links (and iTunes 5 beta which is needed) is available right here. […]

  11. these links dont work. there are 4 files to download and they are .rar
    help… anyone know any working ios 5 beta 3 download links that work unlike the ones listed below?

    1. The links that include rar files work fine. Simply use UnRarX on OS X or WinRar on Windows.

  12. i downloaded itunes and ios 5. now how do i get in on my iphone

  13. Getting an invalid checksum error on the beta3 iphone4 CDMA links

  14. If you receive an error 14 try downloading from

    1. actually I have downloaded the file there, twice, keep getting that @#$ error 14…

    2. i had the same error.. and i read somewhere that it’s because i shift + left clicked ‘restore’ and added the .ipsw file instead of shift + left clicking ‘update’.
      Now i’m getting error 3002. grrrrr!

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