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iOS 5 beta 2 Downloads

Check inside for a list of iOS 5 beta 2 links

Note these betas will not work unless your iDevice’s UDID is activated. You can go here to get your UDID activated.

iTunes 10.5 beta 2 Mac OS X (will only sync with beta 2)

iTunes 10.5 beta 2 Windows 32bit (will only sync with beta 2)

iTunes 10.5 beta 2 Windows 64 bit (will only sync with beta 2)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPhone 4 GSM)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPhone 4 CDMA)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPad 2 WiFi)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPad 2 GSM)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPad 2 CDMA)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPad)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPhone 3GS)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPod touch 3rd generation)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPod touch 4th generation)

Apple TV Software beta 2

28 thoughts on “iOS 5 beta 2 Downloads

  1. when will the links be availble

  2. ok dismiss my last comment but what about windows 10.5 beta 2

  3. there isnt a windoesnt beta

  4. No link for iPad 1?

    1. Soon, all links will be up within 20 minutes

  5. Will you be adding first gen ipad updates?

  6. just sitting here refreshing 🙂 thanks man

  7. Can you link iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 for Win as well please?

  8. how about the direct link to itunes 10.5 beta 2 for 64bit win

    1.  can link for 32 bit as well please?

        1. Thank you

  9. r u doing *.ipsw files

  10. Noticed files are .dmg files… Install them the same as previous iOS 5 Beta 1? Previous files were .ipsw files.

    1. DMG is the standard Mac disk image format, once the image is opened the ipsw is inside.

      1. So to open these files in Win… i would need a converter?

        1. Please disreguard previous comment… Installed and working great. Thank you!

        2. How did you open the file on windows? i can not figure it out

          1. There are converters, but I don’t use Windows so don’t know of any. You can try imzdl.con for ipsw links

  11. the 3gs link is actually beta 1 not beta 2, the file name has the new build, but I just installed it, and in settings it shows the build number for beta 1, and also it won’t sync with iTunes 10.5 beta 2, which is how I found out something was wrong

  12. Hey there, I’ve got my iOS Beta 1 activated. Do I need to get another activation of my UDID for Beta 2 as well?

    1. No, Once your UDID is activated for Developer Beta your set untill final release. Ex: iOS 5 Beta Activations will work untill final release of iOS 5, however upon beta of the next version (iOS 6) you would need to be re activated.

  13. Thank YOU !!!

  14. how do i change the file .dmg to .ipsw?

  15. Why .dmg is posted idk

    Just use

    its .ipsw fast direct beta 2 links


    Fast .IPSW links for windows users
    Beta 2

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