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InstaSign Released For Codesigning Apps

iResign has been vastly improved and repackaged into a polished app known as InstaSign.

This release adds a pile of new features including apptrackr integration and Growl support. It also fixes a number of issues folks were having with iResign including the dreaded error when attempting to code sign many iOS 5 compatible ipa files.

To use this app you will need your UDID registered and a provisioning profile created. We offer that service right here.

Download: InstaSign v3.2

Full release notes from

Changes and New Features

InstaSign v3.2 Changes:

  • New Icon
  • Added compability for more applications (especially iOS 5) that didn’t codesign correctly in the previous version.
  • Added cancel option to a process
  • Added certificate verification
  • Added alternative Fileape bypass
  • Minor UI changes
  • Fixed crashing bugs and queue issues
  • Added Growl 3.1 Support. No longer requires Growl framework to be installed
  • Added news server
  • Change Log from v3.1:

    Note that downloads will not work at the moment. This is because I cannot support Filedude unstable downloads.AppTrackr Integrated:

  • Search/View Apps within InstaSign
  • Download Applications from Apptrackr
  • Downloader Integrated:

  • Download applications from a variety of websites (fileape, mediafire… etc)
  • Have a queue of downloads
  • Rename the download name to something very simple. (e.g. AngryBirdsv2485.82-I’mSoAwesome.ipa => AngryBirds.ipa)
  • Automation:

  • Have automated toggles (set in Preferences) to let InstaSign do all the work
  • ReSign the download right after its done downloading
  • Open the application in iTunes right after done ReSigning
  • Delete the Original .IPA to save space
  • Delete the iTunesMetadata.plist (get rid of notifications of updates in iTunes)
  • All Fileape download links are automated. So click on Fileape and it’ll start downloading without the wait time.. etc.
  • User Interface:

  • Main UI has been redesigned to add some coolness into it
  • Preferences window has been organized
  • Download transfers are shown as a popup
  • The dock has a progress bar of the download in progress
  • Added badge notifications of the number of downloads in queue
  • Added icons so that your “resigned folder” has a new look towards it on Finder
  • Smoother animations
  • New icon
  • Added credits page
  • Modified the How-To page
  • Introduction window added on start-up
  • Added copy and paste in the text fields
  • Added Growl support for nicer notifications
  • Bugs:

  • Simply put, I fixed a boat load of bugs from v2



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    1. Will it work with the new iOS 5.1?

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