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Rumour: Apple To Launch Lion at 1am Tonight In The UK?

Update: False

That’s what one blog seems to think, citing a source with close contacts to Apple.

SpeakApple claims they have received confirmation from a source that today’s scheduled maintenance is indeed to prepare for the release of OS X Lion tomorrow:

13/07/2011 14:58 UPDATE: We’ve just received information from a close contact at Apple that Lion will be arriving at about 1am tonight (UK time). The current downtime and short notice of maintenance is down to Lion preparation and Lion app approvals and submissions.

I’m not sure on the credibility of their source, but it does indeed look like Lion will launch tomorrow. Apple has traditionally launched products according to their native Cupertino, California PDT time zone. Such a move to launch in different time zones according to country would be a departure for the company. Perhaps they feel a staggered launch would be less of a strain on the servers but I’m not so sure.

I’m betting Lion will launch either 12am PDT or in the early morning hours tomorrow in all countries on the Mac App Store.


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