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Apple Seeds iOS 5.1 beta 3 To Developers

This new beta comes nearly a month after the previous release and restores the missing “3G” data toggle feature.

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  • This version of Xcode is distributed as a single application bundle, To install Xcode 4.3 Developer Preview 3, open the downloaded DMG file and drag the Xcode icon to your Applications folder.Learn more
  • iOS 5.1 beta 3 can be installed using over the air software update from devices that have iOS 5.1 beta 2 installed. Over the air software update can be initiated by choosing General > Software Update in Settings.
  • Be sure to backup your devices using iTunes 10.5 or later or through iCloud backup prior to installing iOS 5.1 beta. After installing iOS 5.1 beta 3, you can restore your device using either iTunes 10.5 or later or through your iCloud backup.
  • This version of iOS is intended only for installation on development devices registered with Apple’s Developer Program. Attempting to install this version of iOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state, which could necessitate an out of warranty repair.
  • Devices updated to iOS 5.1 beta 3 can not be restored to earlier versions of iOS. Devices will be able to upgrade to future beta releases and the final iOS 5.1 software.
  • Xcode 4.3 Developer Preview 3 cannot be used to submit apps to the iOS or Mac App Store. Continue to use the publicly released version of Xcode to compile and submit apps to the App Stores.
  • Xcode 4.3 Developer Preview and iOS 5.1 beta are pre-release software and are considered Apple Confidential Information and are subject to the terms of your iOS Developer Program License Agreement. Unauthorized distribution or disclosure of Apple Confidential Information is prohibited.

    Release Notes:


    iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 5.1 beta 3

    Important: This is a preliminary document for an API or technology in development. Although this document has been reviewed for technical accuracy, it is not final. Apple is supplying this information to help you plan for the adoption of the technologies and programming interfaces described herein. This information is subject to change, and software implemented according to this document should be tested with final operating system software and final documentation. Newer versions of this document may be provided with future seeds of the API or technology.



    Bug Reporting
    Notes and Known Issues


    iOS SDK 5.1 provides support for developing iOS applications and includes the complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating applications for iOS and Mac OS X. These tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool among many others.

    With this software you can develop applications that run on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 5.1. You can also test your applications using the included iOS Simulator, which supports iOS 5.1. iOS SDK 5.1 requires a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

    This version of iOS is intended only for installation on devices registered with Apple’s developer program. Attempting to install this version of iOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state.

    For more information and additional support resources, visit:

    Bug Reporting

    Please report any bugs not mentioned in the “Introduction” section using the Apple Bug Reporter on the Apple Developer website ( Additionally, you may discuss these issues and iOS SDK 5 in the Apple Developer Forums: You can also access more information about iCloud for Developers at:

    Notes and Known Issues

    The following issues relate to using the 5.1 SDK to develop code.


    • When creating an iCloud account, you can use any Apple ID as long as it is a full email address and not a MobileMe account. If you have a MobileMe account, you must move that account to iCloud. You can find more information at:


    • The NSNetService class and CFNetService APIs do not include P2P interfaces by default. To browse, register, or resolve services over P2P interfaces, an application needs to use the Bonjour DNSService*() APIs noted below.
    • Setting the interfaceIndex parameter to kDNSServiceInterfaceIndexAny in the following API’s will not include P2P interfaces by default. To include P2P interfaces, you must now set the kDNSServiceFlagsIncludeP2P flag when using kDNSServiceInterfaceIndexAny or set the interfaceIndex to kDNSServiceInterfaceIndexP2P. The affected APIs are:
      • DNSServiceBrowse
      • DNSServiceRegister
      • DNSServiceResolve
      • DNSServiceRegisterRecord
      • DNSServiceQueryRecord

    Apple TV

    • Netflix buttons are missing icons, but otherwise function normally.
    • Cannot Log into Netflix after first failed attempt. Restart of Apple TV is required to resolve.
    • There is a failure to access/play videos in MobileMe photo albums via Apple TV. The screen only shows a spinning progress indicator and fails to display full screen preview and playback. The issue is specific to videos in MobileMe photo albums. Videos in the MobileMe “Movie” section can play just fine.
    • iTunes movie rentals persist (but are unplayable) after expiration.


    • NEW: iOS 5.1 introduces a new API to mark files or directories that should not be backed up. For NSURL objects, add the NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey attribute to prevent the corresponding file from being backed up. For CFURLRef objects, use the corresponding kCFURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey attribute.

      Apps running on iOS 5.1 and later must use the newer attributes and not add the extended attribute directly, as previously documented. extended attribute is deprecated and support for it may be removed in a future release.

    iCloud Photo Stream

    • Photos taken using iOS 5.1 can be deleted from Photo Stream on your device and will be removed automatically from Photo Stream on your other iOS 5.1 devices. Older photos can be manually deleted from your iOS 5.1 devices.

    iCloud Storage

    • Provisioning profiles must be enabled for iCloud in the iOS Provisioning Portal. To enable a provisioning profile for iCloud, navigate to the App ID section of the iOS Provisioning Portal and configure your App ID for iCloud. After enabling the App ID for iCloud, regenerate your provisioning profiles to enable them for iCloud.
    • The setSortDescriptors: method of NSMetadataQuery is not supported.
    • In iOS 5, files that are protected via Data Protection cannot be used with iCloud Storage APIs.
    • File names are case-insensitive in Mac OS X but case-sensitive in iOS. This can lead to problems when sharing files between the two using iCloud. You should take steps on iOS to avoid creating files whose names differ only by case.

    Movie Player

    • Starting in iOS 5.0, in order to facilitate finer-grained playback control, a movie player is not automatically prepared to play upon creation. Call the prepareToPlay method to prepare the movie player. For more information, see MPMoviePlayerController Class Reference.

    Music Player

    • FIXED: Using shake-to-shuffle causes the Music app to freeze and playback to stop.
    • NEW: If you perform an erase install and attempt to enable iTunes Match, you will receive an error stating that you are not subscribed to iTunes Match. Performing an update install should prevent this error.


    • In iOS 5, signing a certificate with an MD5 signature is not supported. Please ensure that certificates use signature algorithms based on SHA1 or SHA2.

    Setup Assistant

    • FIXED: Immediately after completing the Setup Assistant, it may re-appear and show the Wi-Fi screen and/or the final “Thank You” screen. The workaround when in this loop is to reboot the device.

    SpringBoard Lock Screen

    • FIXED: The lock screen can intermittently get into a state where double-clicking the home button no longer brings up the camera button. To get out of that state, you need to restart the device.


    • NEW: In 5.1 the UISplitViewController class adopts the sliding presentation style when presenting the left view (previously only seen in Mail). This style is used when presentation is initiated either by the existing bar button item provided by the delegate methods or by a swipe gesture within the right view. No additional API adoption is required to obtain this behavior, and all existing API, including that of the UIPopoverController instance provided by the delegate, will continue to work as before. If the gesture would be insupportable in your app, setting the presentsWithGesture property of your split view controller to NO disables the gesture. However, disabling the gesture is discouraged because its use preserves a consistent user experience across all applications.

    Xcode/Developer Tools

    • This preview release of Xcode 4.3 is distributed as a single application bundle, Delivering the Xcode tools in a single app bundle allows Xcode to be installed directly from the App Store, without the additional step of running the Install Xcode app. To install Xcode during the preview period, double-click to open the downloaded DMG file, and drag the file to your Applications folder.

      Within Xcode, you can launch additional developer tools, such as Instruments and FileMerge, via the menu item Xcode -> Open Developer Tool. You can then pin the tool on your Dock for access when Xcode is not running. Not all of the tools previously included in the Xcode installer are bundled in this preview release.

    • In the iOS 5 development tools, it is possible to extract APIs used by an application and have them checked for use of private APIs. This option is offered when you validate your application for app submission.


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