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Apple Researching Physical Gesture Sharing

Apple has filed a patent for gesture based communications as a means for file sharing between devices.


As noted in this report by Patently Apple, Apple has filed a patent relating to gesture based communications between devices.

The info in the patent describes users being able to pour files from one device to another, such as an iPhone pouring files into an iPad. They go on to describe location based sensing of devices and being able to “fling” a file at another device by making a gesture toward it. Very cool stuff.

Throwing files at a device and vacuuming files:



Location based sharing has been used in some iOS apps such as PayPal where users can “bump” each other to initiate a transfer. But this takes it to an entirely new interactive level.

It should be noted that Apple files many patents but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will ever see the light of day in products.


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