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Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X, App Store Exclusive

Update: Apple says features will be added on a regular basis
It’s available today in the Mac App Store.
This new iteration of Final Cut Pro packs many new features (along with a nice price cut) including Magnetic Timeline, Clip Connections, Compound Clips, Auditions, Content-Auto Analysis, Range-Based Keywords just to name a few.
Update: Alot of video professionals are disappointed with the feature set of Final Cut Pro X. Apple says Final Cut Pro X will get new features every six months. A blogger spoke to an Apple rep who reportedly said that Final Cut will be regularly updated through the App Store. It  will get the ability to import Final Cut Pro 6 and 7 projects, and add a replacement for the current XML workflow and gain multicam editing support.
Final Cut Pro X is available for $299.99 in the Mac App Store where Apple has also made available Motion 5 and Compressor 4 for $49.99 each.
Final Cut Pro X (App Store)
Motion 5 (App Store)
Compressor 4 (App Store)
A full list of the new features and tech specs are available on Apple’s site.

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