Userland Coming Soon For iOS 4.3.3?

A week or so ago well known iPhone jailbreaker and member of the iPhone Dev-Team updated to display a teaser image that seems to hint at a PDF exploit allowing for the jailbreaking of the most recent versions of iOS.

For those who aren’t familiar, this site is a userland jailbreak, allowing the user to simply go to the site on Mobile Safari and jailbreak right on the iDevice. It dates back to 2007 and I myself have used it many times in the past for it’s simplicity and ease of use.

Along with this teaser image, comex has also tweeted the following when asked when the new userland jailbreak is coming:

It’s looking like it will be released this week! What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  • RandomPerson

    Hope it will come this week:)

  • Bugthug

    Hope it will be in the next month or so

  • Yoshi64

    I already jailbreaked, but I still want this to come soon so I can restore and try it in my iPod 😉

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