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iOS 11 beta UDID Activations and Provisioning Profiles!


Want to try the latest and greatest iOS 11 that Apple is set to show off at WWDC 2017? Well, now you can! But first you must register your devices UDID with Apple to be able to install it. That’s where we come in! Send us a donation and we will promptly add your UDID to the database and you’ll be able to install it and all subsequent betas.

June 5th, 2017 Update: iOS 11 GM will be released today after Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote address. Get your UDID registered to install every iOS 11 beta as well as the GM (final build) before the public release.

We’re currently processing UDIDs right away! 

In addition to UDID Activation for iOS 11 we now do Provisioning Profiles and Certificates.  This will allow you to use iModSign (iResign 3), InstaSign, Crappstore etc to install  your signed apps without jailbreaking!  Activations are still being processed nearly immediately (during the day) and we have acquired plenty of slots. 

You will receive an e-mail when you are activated.

Downloads are available here.

Download iModSign or InstaSign for resigning .ipa files.


For UDID Activation to install iOS 11 betas use this PayPal button:

Enter UDID here:


For the provisioning service (iOS 11 betas/GM+ app signing) use this PayPal button:

Enter UDID Here:



Alot of people ask if we are still activating or if we have slots left. The answer is always yes. If we ever do stop activating we will update this post and letting you know.

As soon as your device is activated you will receive an email letting you know.

Make sure to paste your device’s UDID on the payment page so we can get it activated quickly. To find your UDID you can use this guide.

We’re also now doing activations at our sister site iOS Activations.

1,244 thoughts on “iOS 11 beta UDID Activations and Provisioning Profiles!

  1. so do you have a slots open ? How legit is this site

    1. Yes, completely legit, 100 slots open.

      1. Dammit, I was so excited to register I paid without including my UDID in my paypal comments.  🙂

        1. No problem, email sent

          1. i like to have my udid activated

          2. Any slots left?

          3. Yes, we always have slots, no worries

          4. Just sent my payment.

          5. Just paid, but I was an idiot and forgot to put in my UDID.  How can I get that to you?

          6. How much do I have to pay ? Tell it in USD …. And after how many hours will it get activated ?

          7. How much do I have to pay ? Tell it in USD …. And after how many hours will it get activated ?

          8. 9.99, you’ll be activated within a few minutes.

          9. Any slots left?

  2. I just sent payment, not sure about it, we’ll see. 

  3. I updated the post earlier, it may take up to 12 hours to get you activated. If anyone is unsatisfied with the wait you can get a refund.

  4. Just sent in my payment — you guys still think 12 hours or maybe less?

    1. Yes, hopefully much less.

  5. How can your prove this is legit? How many slots do you have left?

    1. You’ll know it’s legit when your UDID is activated. Still have plenty of slots left.

  6. Sent payment….. good things come to those who wait!!!

  7. Just sent payment. I am going to try on my iPad 2. Would IOS 5 fully work on my iPhone and is it going to work fully on my iPad. 

    1. Yes, but you will need to register the UDID for each device you install iOS 5 on.

      1. I got that but I don’t want to update my iPhone if it’s not going to connect to ATT. 

        1. Yes it will be fully activated for all features.

          1. I just sent payment for my iPhone. Now can I download Developer updates from apple when they are released like normal. 

  8. Can anyone confirm that this is legit?

    1. Payment is via paypal, what is there to loose?

  9. how many slots do you have left ? 

    1. also how much do i need to pay ? 

  10. I already upgraded to the 5.0… How to I get my UDID now?

  11. To those needing their UDID I suggest downloading the iPhone Config Utility from Apple.

  12. Okay, I payed! Thanks! How will i know when it will work?

    1. You’ll receive an email

  13. Can get it for free? Pretty please!

  14. Payment sent with UID!

    1. I’ll update here when I am activated.

      1. Nothing yet!

      2. It works!

  15. will my iphone 4 be totally functional?  is it worth doing? or is it a hassle and not near as smooth?

    1. You’ll find the answer to this further down the page.

  16. Thank you for this, I have donated & am patiently/anxiously waiting. Just out of interest, is this UDID registration with Apple indefinite. For example when iOS6 comes am I still able to participate in the betas?

    1. You should be good for a year.

      1. Great, so it will last me until the official release. Thanks 🙂

  17. Where’s the payment page. Is that after I enter in all my stuff

  18. Oh and is there still a lot of slots?

  19. Payment made a couple hours ago. Testing now since I haven’t heard back.

    1. Everyone will be activated shortly. Yours hasn’t been yet, hold off until you receive the email.

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Thanks for quick reply!

        1. Works! Thanks a lot.

  20. How many slots do you have and how much do i need to pay ? 

    1. Info is in the PayPal link. Still many slots left.

      Sent from my iPad

  21. Thanks a lot! Just payed u. Do u have a time estimate when all of them will be activated

  22. Have you gotten my payment?

  23. Activations beginning now..will all be done within 8 hours!

    1. sir do u have slots avilable?

        1. i was paying but it is not asking my udid code? [ls help me?

          1. where to give my udid?

          2. Your receipt number for this payment is: 3782-2037-2036-1946 made the payment sir

          3. when can i expect it to be activated?

          4. sir m very excied to update to ios 5 now can i do so is my udid activated sorry for the trouble

    2. how long does it take for activation? its been 9 hours

  24. Does “shipped” mean its ready for activation?

  25. Am I good if the status says shipped?

    1. Yeah, everyone that has paid has been activated…Still lots of slots available guys

  26. Awesome, my new favorite iPhone blog. All activated and setup without using itunes. Time to play 🙂

  27. Where do i key my UDID?

  28. Is there any way that you could show us that your legit. I already paid, but I just don’t want my phone to get bricked.

    1. You’re good to go, phone is activated!

  29. Hi I’ve made my payment. 🙂

    1. You’re good to go

      1. So i can activate it now? Cool! Thanks!

  30. Are you still doing activations at this time? I would like to pay but I’d like to know first

    1. Yes, tons of spots left!

  31. Payment sent. I’m about to activate. But I have a question. How do I download the next beta update when it is released?

  32. Paypal sent conformation of item shipped, still no email. When will I receive it?

  33. Paypal sent conformation of item shipped, still no email. When will I receive it?

    1. Read other posts, paypal shipped means it is registered. Thanks!!!

    2. You’re activated

  34. I paid. Im trying to update but i keep getting unknown error 3002.. Has anyone else?

    1. Make sure to use iTunes 5 beta

    2. same error to me. New itunes and ipad2 img

      1. Try restore, and make sure you don’t have apple blocked in your hosts file from using TinyUmbrella. And remember you need iTunes 10.5 beta

      2. now following a restore procedure instead- hope it to work

  35. HI. Paid for registration… waiting for activation.

    1. Delivered as advertised. 

  36. I received mine, thanks AD.

  37. Hey, already paid for registration. Now waiting for the activation.

      1. Thanks dude. Gonna try it now.

        1. How do I install the iOS on my iPhone 4? iTunes 10.5 has been installed.

      2. How do I install the iOS 5 on my iPhone 4? iTunes 10.5 has been installed.

        1. Select your device in iTunes, then option click update and select the iOS 5 ipsw. If update doesn’t work try restore.

          1. Mine is up and running. Thanks a lot.

  38. I just paid. How do I know I’m activated?

    1. Once you get the shipped email. You’re all set.

  39. HI. Paid for registration… waiting for activation.

    1. I sent you an email, you forgot to send me your UDID

      1. I sent it to you from my other e-mail:
        Please check it, thanks.

        1. I didn’t receive it, send it again

          1. Thanks for activating!
            I tried iTunes to update firmware, but I get error message with code 3002 by start.

          2. Hi!
            I used with restore button.
            Everything is working well.
            You are great man!

  40. Just paid. Can’t wait!

  41. Hi i am wanting to get my 3gs on i0S ..when i install itunes 10.5 it installs however it wont run when clicking on it w7 64bit version- any1 have any ideaS?

    1. Maybe try uninstalling first and then reinstall..

  42. going to try unistall and try again – so if we pay to get registered does this mean you can legit use your 3GS on iOS 5 software and it will work as a phone

      1. my VZW iphone is not registering with the towers, basically just an iPod touch?

        1. Maybe you used a GSM ipsw?

          1. nope. just bricked. meltdown

          2. Try doing a restore from DFU mode

  43. How does this process work? How do I end up with ips 5 once I pay? Thanks! I am ready to pay once I get a response. 🙂

    1. Link is in the post with iOS 5 links as well as iTunes 5 beta which is needed

      1. Okay. Sounds good. One other question for ya. Actually 2. Is Netflix and hulu broken on iOS 5? And what about future iOS beta updates? Thanks apple! How exciting!

        1. Both currently broken, you’ll be good for all future betas

          1. Payment coming in!

          2. Hey apple. I just sent my payment. Cant wait! Thanks again!

          3. Hey Apple. Like a dope I completely forgot to past my UDID. Where can I email it to?

  44. still open for more activations?

      1. and it will give me all the Beta previews?

  45. Hi ive received postage details on the item ive bought, does this mean i have been activated? cheers (y)

  46. Anyone receive this error when restoring “The iPhone “iPad” could not be restored. An Unknown error occurred(1)

    1. Hi, do you know anything new about this error? please write to me, jiri.benes.ov@gmail:disqus .com  thanks a lot

      1. Try putting the iDevice into DFU mode and restoring that way.

  47. hello, if I install the ios5 beta I can get back to ios 4.3.3 (downgrade) if I want?

    1. Yes you can, put the phone in DFU mode and restore

      1. the procedure is the same in ipad2?

          1. one last question: in order to use the iPad2’s AirPlay Mirroring do i need to install the ios beta on my AppleTV too?

          2. Yes you do, UDID also needed

  48. i just paid for long activation will take

    1. You’re already activated

    2. Thank You for fast service

  49. Best of luck to you guys. I couldnt get to update to install on my iPad 2. I was met with that error code 1 many times and no matter what I did or tried it just would not work 🙁 Really wanted to try out this.

    1. did you try doing it as a restore? when i first tried to do it with “option key, update” it kept giving me errors.  using “option key, restore” worked like a charm.

      1. Oh yes I have. many many times. I am trying something else and it may have dont something. I am now being told that I am not eligible for the package, something that I originally got earlier but then went away. Lol. This isnt as frustrating as I was thinking it would be but it is a bit annoying. I am about to throw in the towel though.

  50. Donated for both my iphone and ipad2, eagerly awaiting activation

    1. You’ve been activated, ship email means you’re activated

  51. sorted the problem with 10.5 itunes it seems to affect just W7 64bit users, Apple drunk is it be or you put price up now from past couple hours?

    1. It has gone up from demand

      1. anyhow I could pay your price from couple hours before as only just sorted out issue with itunes? 

        1. Sorry, current price only

          1. okay, whats the reason why I get the erorr itunes 3002 when tryin to restore to iOS 5 because it not registered yet or am i goin to get that as well after?

          2. Try using option/alt restore instead of upgrade.. Also you may have your hosts file blocking Apple. Check this thread for info

  52. i paid, I received the email, I’ve downloaded and installed the beta and I’m currently downloading the iP4 CDMA file… Now is where I get confused. What exactly do I do to load iOS 5? I saw where you said select device in iTunes and “option click update” does that mean click “check for updates” or where exactly do I go to load the ipsw? Thanks again! I’m Pumped!

    1. Yes, though many people are saying they sometimes only have success with option + restore

      1. Sorry for not understanding, but by option + restore do you mean hold down option and press restore? Again I apologize but I’m not as familiar with what you exactly mean…

  53. do you offer beta updates when they come out

    1. Once activated your device will work with all future betas

  54. just sent in my e-mail. patiently awaiting… do i update before or after you guys add my UDID?

    1. You’re good to go now!

  55. second time trying .ipsw. says i have wrong build. what am i doing wrong?

    1. You probably have apple blocked in your hosts, see a comment on this page referencing macrumors for a fix

      1. totally forgot to fix the hosts file. did that, trying it now. thanks for the help.

        1. and I now got an Error (1). never had that before.

          1. Try restoring if you tried update

            Also it may help to put your phone in DFU mode..

  56. paid about a hour ago, any idea when I’ll be added

    1. You’re already added, the shipped email means you’ve been added

  57. i just paided
    when will i be added?

    1. Send me your UDID

      Sent from my iPad

      1. i just did

        1. what do i do after you receive my udid?

          1. Use iTunes 5 beta and install iOS 5 beta

  58. if you are having problems updating put iDevice in DFU mode
    worked no problem for me

  59. Paid about 10 minutes ago, just waiting on an email. Thanks

  60. just sent my payment, how long is the wait?

  61. lol nevermind, thx

  62. Money sent! Thank you.

    1. You’re activated!

  63. Paid. ETA?

      1. Hey thanks!

  64. i just sent my payment with long will it take to activate?

    1. my email address is

      1. You’re activated 🙂

        1. yes!! thank you so much apple drunk!!

  65. How do I find the udid for my apple tv 2g. I plug it into iTunes and it just says it is in recovery mode with no info available.

    1. Put it in DFU mode, connected via USB and use Xcode as in this link..or look in system profiler under USB devices and it should be there

      1. System profiler only shows cpid, cprv, scep, bdid, ecid, ibfl and srnm. No udid. I don’t know how to use Xcode:(

        1. Sorry, here’s the correct link

          Just download Xcode and it should show the UDID when you’re in DFU mode

  66. Do you have slots left? Will be dropping a payment as soon as my paycheck gets deposited.

    1. Around 18, after those are gone it may take an extra 12 hours to get activated

  67. any left just sent payment

    1. Yep still slots left, you’re activated!

  68. any spots left?

  69. any spots left?

  70. the order for should be sent for activation to thanks!

  71. just put a payment through, what’s the time frame for activation?

  72. Hi! I forgot send my udid and just send it in an other email. I just want to check that you recieved tha email. /Sinken

  73. Thanks heaps, that was super quick!

  74. I paid for an activation but my brain farted (shut up, it’s late) and I forgot to include my UDID. I emailed it to the email address associated with the PayPal account.

    Sorry about that. My email address is

    1. Just…good lord.

  75. just sent my 10$ donation…. is my email 

  76. Anyone else still get the 30002 error when trying to restore to iOS 5.. changed the hosts file to remove put phone in recovery/ dfu and pressed shift restore find the firmware and still shooting this error at me 🙁

  77. just donated mgoetz@la..  

  78. slot still available?

    1. Will take around 12 to 24 hours to get activated

      1. money coming in.

      2. You accept google checkout?

        1. Currently only paypal

  79. which e-mail i should money to on paypal

    1. Just use the donate button

  80. Apple Drunk just want to say Thank You so much… finally got it to work on other computer now have iOS 5 installed 🙂 Happpppyy! x

  81. If i pay the amount and get it activated… Can I get AT&T service on iOS 5?? Or just activate phone to get iOS 5?

    1. Full service

      Sent from my iPad

  82. how much do I need to donate for a UDID activiation?

    1. Click the PayPal link, already filled out

      Sent from my iPad

  83. Still got spots?  What’s the ETA if I donate?

    1. TONS of spots, eta is around 2 minutes

      1. Just donated, let me know when activation goes through! Thanks again.

      2. Just donated, let me know when activation goes through! Thanks again.

  84. just sent the payment… payment email is

    let me know when you activate it please!

      1. umm while updating to iOS 5.. i got error cannot upgrade this phone error 3002

        I know i can do it with restore and pick iOS 5.. but after  restoring to iOS 5.. will i get AT&T service? or i can only use it on wifi??

        1. You will have full service

          1. I can sync it with itunes too??

          2. Works great! thank you!

  85. I just sent a payment and forgot to add my UDID…What do I need to do? I have the confirmation email from paypal

  86. Dude, im from Chile, is still possible with my phone? besides, in itunes i get “We’re unable to complete your activation, this device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program”.  How can i see my UDID?

    1. Yes it will work, put your device in DFU mode, google it if you aren’t sure how, then you can get the UDID

      Sent from my iPad

      1. In iTunes i got Serial Number: N/A but in TinyUmbrella i get a right SerialNumber, besides ECID (hex) and ECID (dec)

        1. Click seriall until you see UDID in ITunes

          1. I follow your instructions but in the Serial Number field, i get “N/A”. 
            I am using ios5, the only issue is that i cannot make calls.
             Is the UDID somewhere on the iphone? If it is so, then i will donate your money.

          2. If you didn’t register your UDID you can’t make calls, register it with me and you can

          3. I got my udid with “ad hoc helper”, I already pay to you, please tell me when its done.

          4. Thank you very much dude!!! 😀 Cheersfrom Chile!

  87. Hello out there, can I buy one slot now ? 🙂

    1. I meant if there are available slots to buy ?

      1. Yes! Tons available

        1. When I buy one, this include all other Betas and the GM Version of iOS 5, correct ? 🙂

          1. Yes

            Sent from my iPad

          2. Thank´s for your fast response.
            I will buy one slot now, hope the activation will be quickly so I can update it before I go to bed. ;D

  88. I would like to purchase a slot, what’s the eta for activation atm…

    1. Nearly instant

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Ok. I will send my payment with UDID now.
        Do you have a quick guide for the update?
        Im familiar with the process, just need to know if I the new beta iTunes is required for the update..

        1. It is required, 10.5 beta, see Downloads link on the site

          1. Just sent payment.
            Sry, I missed those hyperlinks…. :s

          2. Works.

  89. is there a spot open still i have the money right nowwwwww but i need to know if it will work 😛

    1. Yes, there are 90 slots open!

      1. and its gonna take how long to activate my UDID?

        1. Right away

          Sent from my iPad

  90. Just sent payment. Let me know if you can activate tonight. Thanks!

  91. Hi i’d like activate my UDID to make my phone work, do you have any spots left?

    1. Lots of spots left, and getting more all the time

  92. Just sent a payment right now!  Let me know if i can install this tonight!  Thanks a billion!

    1. You’re activated!

      1. hot damn!

  93. Hey, if i make the payment now, activation will be done soon ?

  94. u have slots left

  95. anthony

  96. Hi, how will i know when i am activated. i received payment receipt 10 minutes ago. 

    1. You’re activated

  97. Are there still slows left?

    1. Slots*

  98. hi i just sent paymet but forgot to send my UDID sorry…i’ll email it to you

    1. ok i just emailed it…whats the ETA

      1. please tell me when activated!!

  99. Are there any slots left?

  100. I forgot to add my UDID where can I email you?

  101. Does this work with wifi iPad 2? I heard a rumor you cannot sync if you do it with the iPad 2

  102. When will i know when my UDID is actived?

  103. hi i just sent payment for udid activation when can i get my ios 5 activated? ty

      1. WoW!!! Thank you so much!!!! I’m so happy again!!!! My Ipod is back to life!!!!

  104. apple drunk please reply

    1. Thanks a million!!!

  105. Just send payment through paypal, please check. cheers

  106. Just sent payment with UDID, please activate.

    Thank you kindly,


      1. Not giving out emails anymore?

        Regardless, cheers mate.

        1. ? You’re activated

          1. I was just expecting that email you said would be sent.

            Anyway, I am downloading the beta now, I will let you know when it’s working.

            It’s an iPad 2 GSM btw.

  107. Just sent payment and UDID!
    Activate please!
    Thank you

  108. my iphone wont bring down the notification bar unless in voice over

    HELPPPPP!!!! plzzzz

  109. Payment via Paypal completed.
    How will we know it’s completed?


  110. What if I decide to update to OS 5 beta 2 with it comes out? Will is still be activated?

  111. Please send confirmation of activation

  112. Are there any slots left

  113. Amount paid. Looking forward to activation.

    1. My Transaction ID: 28E30088HR930610K
      Let me know when I’m activated. Thanx.

  114. I don’t have my UDID registered yet on iphone 4 and i’m getting no signal. Is it possible to get this fixed by getting my UDID activated ?

    1. Yes if your phone doesn’t rely on a software unlock

  115. Just paid ref (5PT88940XG8047002).
    Let me know when I’m activated. cheers

  116. Let me know when I’m activated

  117. Are you guys still activating??

  118. Are you guys still activating??

  119. Hey AD, sent payment last night 2-2:30 am EST for both my iPhone and iPad (Receipt No: 3056-5817-9873-6878 & Receipt No: 2104-1634-7474-2811) I assume you will email or post something here when they are added. I’m looking forward to it.


      1. And it Rocks!! Thanks.

  120. If I pay right know, is it possible to get my udid activated in an hour?

      1. Wow, i am gonna pay right now. Can you do that immediately?

          1. I have just paid. How can I send my UDID number.

  121. payment and UDID sent

  122. still activating? buddy just told me about this

    1. Yeah, lots of slots available

  123. UDID and payment SENT! if you can activate as fast as respond you will make my day! Thanks for all you guys do

    1. opps sent iphone UDID, and meant to send Ipads, is it too late to switch?

      1. Already activated iPhone UDID

  124. Once apple has the UDID is ios 5 fully functional on that specific device?

      1. Thanks so much for this.
        I paid 30 minute ago.  How long will it take?
        Should I turn off my phone, should I run Itunes 10.5?



  125. I paid.  How long will it take?

    1. Thanks!  It’s all good now.

  126. Waiting on Mine

  127. Hi, Slots still open? Interested in trying out iOS 5.

  128. Any slots left? Will send payment. Will it work with 3 UK network and let me use my iPhone 4 as a phone?

    1. Yes as long as the phone doesn’t rely on a software unlock

  129. Sent payment to you for my iPhone 4.
    Transaction number: 0A727128S6035821K

    1. Thank you so so so so so so so much, cost me £6.32 and now my iPhone is working again!
      Thank you

  130. Hello mate I just paid but did not include the UDID, it’s 69c2e5dd5550e74046ea1b5f824398bcc14966b4
    I paid a second time from

    Transaction number: 49B555008J622642T

    1. Still waiting on this?

  131. Hey any slots left?

  132. Hey there, any slots left? Can you get iOS 5 onto my iPad too?

    1. Always spots available, you can install it on your iPad as well

  133. will the wifi and gsm work + multitasking… and will neweb builds also work?

  134. newer*

  135. any free slots?

    1. Always slots available

      1. made a “donation” 🙂

  136. Works with CDMA as well?

    1. Yes, send your UDID. Be sure to use the CDMA firmware

      1. Sent with Payment.

        1. That was your serial number, click it in iTunes to see your UDID

          1. Ah. 98f004d77b71e74f298c19198585226a50d56c3e

          2. I can’t install iOS 5.0. I selected the correct one (iPhone 4 CDMA), but I get error 3002 when I try to Shift+Click and choose the file.

          3. Never mind, fixed it myself.

          4. how did you fix it? Same error here 🙁

  137. do you support “GSM” iPhone 4?

    1. Yep, all models are supported

      Sent from my iPad

  138. Hi payment just made.
    Transaction ID: 76659493PN764150X

      1. thank you.
        Just a little FYI to everyone who is installing the iOS 5.
        Please make sure that you have itunes 10.5 beta  installed before you start

  139. if you would like to register your device for 6.99 instead if 10, check out my website. It’s fast and reliable.

  140.  sent you an email of my udid forgot to put it in purchase let me know when activated.

  141. Just made payment

  142. just made pament

  143. Will I get a signal to make my calls and texts etc on Vodaphone UK. My iphone 4 is factory unlocked.

  144. I paid but i didn’t enter my UDID number? email me at please

  145. i just made a payment, but lefy out my UDID 😮
    I have emailed you my UDID from

  146. This still on? Is this “allowed”!?

  147. Just done mine, do I just click check for updates within itunes now? May do Ipad later to! 

    1. Activated, you need to use iTunes 10.5 beta and manually select the firmware with option click. See the downloads link for files

  148. hi, just send an email to the udid@appledrunk email address. I forgot my udid at the payment confirmation and emailed that address my udid. is that okay? 

  149. just payed now please send me email asap ! 😀

  150. Is there still spots available?

      1. how do i get the ISPW file into itunes so that i can restore to it?

        1. Download it from the Downloads link above and option click (shift on Windows) Restore and select the ipsw

          1. is there a reason why when i get a notification it does not run along the top? I already checked settings notifications and its all turned on.


  152. i hope this works 😀

  153. First got 3002 error, then found out you need to press “alt/option + restore” instead of “alt/option + update” 🙂
    Worth the 7 euros!

  154. Beware. I installed iOS5 this afternoon only to find a couple of my most-used apps didn’t work. I had to revert to iOS4.3.3 – this is possible, but you need to follow the instructions here:

  155. Hi! I’ll activate your device on my iOS Dev account for $10

  156. Let me know when transaction number 87C06370NU283473U is activated.

  157. can you confirm all activation in the last hr have been done?
    Mine was rec, but no email yet

    1. Yes, everyone’s been activated

      1. thanks i’ll give it a try.

  158. I’m looking to get my UDID activated by you is this still possible? and how long will be UDID be activated for? 

  159. Hi could you let me know when my UDID has been activated please, my transaction number is 7G18325735763430D
    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: right; font: 12.0px Arial; color: #144fae}
    span.s1 {text-decoration: underline}


    1. shit forgot to tell you my UDID its daeccffab956e33cbacff7030bf39afe87dd6033
      p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: right; font: 12.0px Arial; color: #144fae}
      span.s1 {text-decoration: underline}

      1. I have emailed you also

  160. Just paid.. looking forward to activation 🙂

  161. do i need to have ios 5 installed on iphone or should you activate then install? also do i have to have the itunes beta… im installing ios 5 now and it seems to be working fine.

    1. You need iTunes beta to sync, you can activate first or after works either way

  162. Can you please let me know if transaction number 51W29723AK9807303 has been activated yet?

      1. can i activate before installing?

        1. It’s activated, will install fine

          1. could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible? im running 10.5b27 and the firmware file for my GSM iPhone 4 is iphone3,1_5.0_9A5220p_restore.ipsw?

          2. Make sure your hosts file is not blocking Apple, and try putting the phone in dfu mode as well

  163. ##
    # Host Database
    # localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
    # when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.
    ##       localhost broadcasthost
    #::1            localhost

    I’ve also put it into dfu mode, nothing. I’m running mac OSX 10.6.7

    Thank you

    1. also it will restore to 4.3.3 happily

    2. Put a # in front of the last line to disable it, that’s blocking apple

      1. It’s still not working, what a waste of my money! can’t even install it!

        1. If you have # on the last line it will work, you must have had it disabled from using TinyUmbrella. A simple way to edit the hosts file is to use Terminal and type “nano /etc/hosts”

          1. Okay, so is now going through to but still not restoring to 5.0?

          2. Try using DFU mode and make sure you’re using iTunes 10.5

            Sent from my iPad

          3. Yeah, that’s it

            Sent from my iPad

  164. Now i’m getting The device isn’t eligible for the request build? Is the UDID not activated?

    1. Its all activated. The eligible message means you must still be using the cydia server and it’s not allowing the restore. The activation happens after the restore

      1. how do i sort this problem out, sorry for so many questions! it may help people having the same problem though!

        1. Try opening TinyUmbrella and uncheck use the Cydia server in options

          1. Thank you so much! now installing!

  165. […] below to securely pay and you will be notified when your UDID is activated. See our sister site Apple Drunk for the many positive comments regarding our prompt […]

  166. Email is ksizzle9@gmail, please respond when u activate my udid

  167. Hey are you still activating??

  168. I can activate your UDID for you for 7.99 USD. Go to

  169. I can activate your UDID for you for 7.99 USD. Go to
    or go to

  170. Just paid. Can’t wait for it to be activated so I can try ios 5 beta. Thanks a ton!

  171. Hey, just sent you a payment. Could you activate ASAP?

    1. Did you get activated?

  172. are you still activating? im going to donate right now!

    1. Yes, always, we’ll get you activated right away!

      1. will we be able to get all of the ios 5 betas?

          1. awesome! I just sent you my payment. can’t wait to start playing around with ios 5! do you know how long it will take?

          2. thanks a lot by the way!

          3. can i go ahead and update to ios 5? sorry for all of the posts. im just really really really excited to get this on my phone!

          4. Ha i promise this is the last reply. so do i just simply open itunes with my phone connected and click on check for updates? or do i have to register my udid on apples developer website?


          5. No, you need iTunes 10.5 beta, and the iOS 5 beta ipsw. Then you option or shift click on windows Restore in iTunes and select the iOS 5 ipsw. Check the downloads link above

          6. Activated, enjoy

  173. hi i sent you a payment from can you please let me know when i am activated thank you.

  174. I just e-mailed you from Are you still activating? 

    1. Yes! You’re activated

  175. He’s legit. Thanks a lot!

  176. Am I activated

      1. Thank you… You have done exactly what you said you would and now I am on iOS 5 right now… I love it… I should be sending you another 10 dollars for my wife’s iPhone… Do you still have slots ?

        1. Yes, always slots available.

          1. i just sent you my wife’s can you please let me know when you activate it so i can restore her phone tonight

          2. do you think it will be done tonight.. sorry for bothering you…..

          3. Already done, I emailed you

          4. oh ok thaniks… it went in my spam folder

  177. just sent you my udid and made the payment. can you please reply to when i’m good to go? thanks a lot 

  178. Just made my donation, is it activated yet? 

  179. i just made a payment. how can i know when my phone is activated?

    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 15U34029RE351620U.

    We’ll send a confirmation email to This transaction will appear on your statement as PayPal *JONO.

      1. thanks.. the phone is activate now..
        i have a few questions,
        1- will i have pay again if i restore the phone to ios5 again in order to get activated?
        2- what if ios5 beta 2 release and wil the phone activate itself or i need to repay again?

        1. You will stay activated for all the betas

          1. thanks you so tats the best… if i like to activate another for my ipad2.. any discount?

  180. Just made payment, when can I expect it to be activated?


  181. I have order one udid activation but i have send my udid by mail at udid@appledrunk because i can enter my text into the textbox during the paiement

  182. Hello
    My Transaction ID: 6Y259239U2009824U
    please Activation me
    Thanks in advance

    1. I have order one udid activation but i have send my udid by mail at udid@appledrunk:disqus
      also i can enter my text into the textbox during the paiement  :S

      1. Send again, I didn’t receive it

        1. I sending again . . . 😉
          now this ok ?

  183. do u have slots avilable i m paying right now

  184. waiting for ur reply sir

      1. thanks sir thanks a lot will give u around 5 more udid in this week only thanks

        1. Awesome, thank you

          1. now if again i have to restore my phone then can i do so or not?

          2. sir need ur help wen ever i call from ma iphone it says unsecured call wat to do sir ?

          3. Apparently a feature of ios5. The network you’re on us technically not secure

          4. u mean it will prompt all the time?

          5. Should be a setting, I don’t have it on 3G

      2. could you kindly help me

  185. Hi my Receipt No: 5004-0461-1386-9653, could you please let me know the activation time and also how do I install ios 5 , is thre a special way to do it, kindly help.
    Thank you

    1. It’s activated. You need iTunes 5 to install, see instructions on our site

  186. i just sent in my payment, when will i be activated?

    1. i did not give my UDID though, i don’t think…. email me at please

      1. my udid is: 77e0cb833cb573f59e99eb759a87d5beb22eee72 let me know when it will be activated, my Receipt No is 1584-5007-0275-2503

        1. hopefully this can be done asap!

          1. Activated, enjoy

  187. hi ! my name is john ! Transaction ID: 5WA41930E8470680M . how long is it take to activate UDID ?

    1. Send me your UDID John, click serial in iTunes

  188. can we pay via i dont ow a credit card??

      1. you can add ur paybal account there and recieve the money i send u directly to paybal try it

  189. can we pay via i dont ow a credit card??

  190. can we pay via i dont ow a credit card??

  191. my email is i forgot to add the udid but i did pay already

  192. I just sent in my donation….Hopefully you are still activating.   Let me know! 

    1. Always activating, you’re now activated

  193. what do i do if i accidentally installed ios 5 on the device before getting the udid?

  194. what do i do if i put ios5 on the device before giving you the udid to activate it, and i dont know the udid unless there is another way to get besides from itunes?

  195. Let me know when transaction number 5W695133L37634325 is activated. Thank you!

  196. email me at bryanortunio at when activated. Thank you!

  197. If I buy activation… how long till I can activate?

  198. […] iOS 5 UDID Activation Also check our sister site for the many positive comments regarding the UDID Activation Service. Any questions just send us an e-mail or use the contact […]

  199. how do i know if you activated me? i just payed Joseph Dahl

    1. Receipt No: 0344-8502-1006-1787

  200. Hi, I have made the payment. My initial is NJ. Let me know if it has been activated. TQ. 

    1. Sent email, enjoy.

      Sent from my iPad

  201. How long does it usually take to activate and how will I know? I’ve received emails saying that the payment has been received and other information, but nothing that says it has been activated. Is that a different email?

    1. You’re activated, I sent one with activated in the body.

      1. Thank you sir, looking forward to it!

  202. UDID for order

    My UDID is:




    Please activate asap.



  203. Whoa thanks buddy, that was fast!

  204. Hello, just purchased an activation initials JAS

    How would i go about getting my udid activated?

    1. You’re activated, we sent an e-mail.

  205. i just payed for udid… do u send emails to know that im activated?

    1. Yep, you’re activated, enjoy.

  206. Do you still have spots available? 

  207. I have a verizon iphone 4 with bad esn. Will I be able to update it to iOS 5? Will i get stuck on emergency screen like in iphone 3gs ( if we don’t have ATT sim card)? Will it bypass that activation screen? Thanks

  208. those download links dont work….specially for iphone 4 gsm.
    are u gonna fix em?

  209. hey, i paid about an hour ago just wondering how long you think it will take..

  210. I sent my payment an hour ago – initials CB. Any ETA? Thanks!

  211. oops didn’t see the spot for udid…


  212. just posted my payment

  213. can someone please confirm if their software worked?

  214. Do you have Beta 2 up for download yet?

  215. I just made a payment for a UDID activation and realized that it did not paste properly in the text box so i do not think it was received on your end. How can i contact you to get the number to you?

    1. Did you receive a response yet?
      I’m in the same boat. 🙁

  216. I sent my payment (72Y65812NC685604A) when can I expect an activation and how will it work

    1. You were activated a couple hours ago. You can now install the iOS 5 beta

  217. I didn’t see the spot for UDID… transaction ID: 4274-3127-6295-2570
    How can I give you my UDID? I’ve already tried emailing.

  218. I sent my payment an hour ago, . do you send emails to know that im activated?

  219. Hi paid money can you pleas activate. cheers Angus

  220. HI I have paid and send you separate email through contact us form including my paypal transaction number and UDID number. can you please activate it asap and let me.

    1. Guys any idea how long it will take? Sorry but I already installed iOS 5 and can’t use my phone 🙁

    2. Almost an hour now, I am still waiting 🙁


      1. You’re good to go now

  221. Just sent payment. Please activate asap.

  222. Activation Confirmed! Thanks!

  223. Activation Confirmed! Thanks!

  224. I purchased and sent you my UDID last night.. When can I expect it to be activated?
    Transaction ID: 8VB44380ST323634P

    1. If it was last night you’re activated already

      1. Must I restore? Or can I just update? I don’t want to re-sync my iTouch again if I don’t have to (I have a LOT of stuff :/)  In past betas, I would just update to the newest beta and it worked fine. Just wondering if it changed at all…

        1. You can try update but I’d recommend a restore

  225. For anybody wondering the site is 100% legit. Got my UDID registered from them.

  226. can you tell me if my UDID as been activated, paypal transaction was 1XX95258U79990423

    1. so Im activated?

  227. Was wondering if I’m activated. Paypal transaction: 77V02522DL854705C. Thanks.

  228. Paid, prease register, thanks in advance

    PayPal Transaction No. 9PW391254K388043M

  229. paid about an hour ago but still not activated..
    Transaction ID #07W47977AT749942E

    1. You’re now activated along with everyone else who has paid. Sorry for the delay!

  230. hi can you please check whether order number 1284-9049-6481-3958 has been activated

  231. Just to let you know that you can find your UDID too with an app called “whats my UDID” found on Cydia.

  232. still not working

  233. PAID waiting for activation!!!

      1. im getting an error 3002? any ideas?

        1. Use restore in iTunes and try DFU mode if that doesn’t work

          1. thanks man i got via restore and using the new itunes thanks again man!!!

  234. I paid yesterday. Am I activated yet?

      1. Omg, thank you soooooo much. You are the best!!!!!

  235. I have also paid can I go ahead with updating?

  236. How fast is it activated 🙂 just payed.

    1. You’re activated

      Sent from my iPad

  237. please activate mine soon. i was duped by another udid activation place and now im locked out of my phone until it is activated! :[

  238. sir i forgot to send my udid now wat to do

  239. sir plzz reply to me sir iam in danger plzz sir help me

  240. Hi can you email me at when i am activated? Unique Transaction ID #7N915766FA6284247 and UDID 60255f986259e1150976e95ba02c8ab16a818447. Thanks in advance.

  241. Hey, i payed on your sister site ( and i havent been activated? its been 9 hours

  242. just sent payment!  how fast for activation?   thanks

    1. You’re activated

    2. You’re activated

  243. just sent payment – how fast for activation? how do you know which account I’m under?

  244. sent payment how do i know mines activated

  245. I’m still waiting for UDID activation

  246. how long till i get activated, i just paid.

  247. i paid you to register my udid, but it apparently is not. What do i do now?

    1. Yours is registered

    2. Yours is registered

  248. i paid you to register my udid, but it apparently is not. What do i do now?

  249. i paid yesterday but still no mail …

    1. If you paid you are activated

  250. I saw the “Instantly” and was hooked!  I’ll take my hook up!

  251. Hi I paid how will I know when I am activated?

  252. Hi, I have registered an hour ago, how do i activate on my iphone

    1. Hi, you didn’t enter the Udid, click the serial in iTunes until it shows and then go to edit and copy

  253. How do i get the correct number to you without posting on this wall for others to see?

    1. I sent you an email or email me @ udid at appledrunk dot com

      1. HI

        I purchased the IOS 5 Beta from yourself on the 29th June as you can see below. To my surprise this morning my phone is not working and says my software is expired.
        I can see from your website that there is a new beta 4 version available from 23 july, is this why my phone is not working. Can you please let me know how to get my phone working again, i do not recall anything being written on here to say that my payment for the IOS5 beta software was for a limited time.
        Your assistance would be appreciated.

        Kind regards


        On Wed 29/06/11 7:54 PM , “Disqus” sent:

      2. further to my email of this morning I thought you may find it helpful to have the UDID number when checking why the software has expired, it is 5c3dd9e5a35f0705d870a5f31750b2ec549b0f0
        Thank you


        —– Original Message —–
        To: “Disqus”
        Sent: Fri 05/08/11 7:45 AM
        Subject: Fwd: Re: [appledrunk] Re: iOS 5 beta UDID Activations! Try it now! HI

        I purchased the IOS 5 Beta from yourself on the 29th June as you can see below. To my surprise this morning my phone is not working and says my software is expired.
        I can see from your website that there is a new beta 4 version available from 23 july, is this why my phone is not working. Can you please let me know how to get my phone working again, i do not recall anything being written on here to say that my payment for the IOS5 beta software was for a limited time.
        Your assistance would be appreciated.

        Kind regards


        On Wed 29/06/11 7:54 PM , “Disqus” sent:

  254. What if I upgraded to iOS 5 without the UDID? iTunes says “We’re unable to complete your activation,” and it doesn’t let me get to my UDID…anyone know how to downgrade?

    1. You can get activated with our service, google “iPhone enterprise” and download the iPhone configuration utility. It will show your udid


  255. hi, i just paid for udid activation. how long does it take to get activated? is my mail address

    1. Activations are taking around 3 minutes after payment

  256. hi I have just payed for my activation, when will this be done by?

  257. Sent in my payment.
    Waiting 🙂

  258. How will I know if and when I am activated? I sent my payment around 1am.

    1. E-mails sent, everyone’s been activated

  259. Hi, I just sent my payment could you please let me know when I’m activated?

  260. I missed a number when sending in my activation what do i do?

    1. Nevermind, I just looked at the other comments, I sent the correct one to udid at appledrunk dot com.

  261. Just sent payment. How long till activation?

  262. how long it take to be activated I have made my payment about 3H ago

    1. You’re activated

  263. someone bought it ?? does it activated ?? does it work ???
    how to see that it is activated ?? the ipsw i can install via itunes and than ?? only activate ???

  264. Just made payment

    1. Yep, you’re activated

  265. I got my activation email, but itunes tells me my device is not registered. I have the 10.5 itunes.

    1. I’ll wait till tomorrow and try again.

      1. It should work nearly right away

  266. I bought it and I got an email confirming my activation but when i use my iphone its still not activated, i’ve been waiting for hours 

    Transaction ID: : 7V37367171993800K 
    Through paypal

    1. You are activated, everyone is. Apple’s activation server is having issues today. It should be resolved shortly.

      1. I’m surprised as I’m still not activated!!
        Do i have to do anything after installing or i just have to wait for this neva ending activation 🙁

        1. Apple has said they are hoping to have the server issue fixed by tonight. Sorry guys, it should be shortly.

  267. Hello have an ipad 2 and was told activated but itunes giving error not activated, please help.

    1. Apple’s activation servers are down and nobody is able to activate at the moment. It should be resolved shortly. Everyone’s UDIDs are registered

    2. Oh I see the thread now…

  268. Will we get an email as soon as you are done activating our UDID?  What about the Apple Servers?

    1. Also after your email and going through the steps I got this message: 

      -“We’re unable to complete your activation.  This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program…” 

      and on the iPod: “Your iPod touch could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable…”Which do you think it is?

      1. Apple’s server is down, ongoing issue all day, they’re working to resolve it

        1. Did the issue just start today, or has it been going on for some time?

  269. Hi guys i paid a couple minutes ago – pl let me know if its received

  270. is the server still down?

      1. Anywhere we can check the status of the servers to save keep installing iOS5 and receiving the message? 

        1. I will update this post and comment when they’re up. Hang in there guys

  271. when is this apple server coming back up?!?! i have had no phone service for 2 days.. im stuck…. D:

    1. If you put the phone into DFU mode (power phone off, hold down the home and power button for 10 seconds, then release power button and after about 20 seconds iTunes will prompt that a phone is in recovery mode) you can hit restore in iTunes and it will revert to 4.3.3.

      1. Ah you beat me to it

        1. do i use itunes 10.5? or 10.3?
          and can you downgrade beta 2?

          1. I might be wrong but I think you can only use 10.3. Yes you can downgrade

    2. Put your phone into DFU mode and click restore. iTunes will install 4.3.3

  272. will u guys mail us when the server is back plz?

    1. We’ll post here

    2. This just in: the activation server is now back up!

  273. How do you know what email to send us a confirmation at if we never gave an email? all we gave was the UDID

    1. We usually send to the email you used with PayPal

  274. Just did my phone and all is well

  275. the server is back online?!?!?

    i just downgrade to ios4!!

    1. Yes it’s back up, you can install iOS 5 now

  276. […] Looking to try iOS 5 beta? Check out our UDID Activations Service. […]

  277. Just paid up! How long should I expect?

    1. Activated, enjoy!

    2. Amazing, quick and working!

  278. […] Looking to try iOS 5 beta? Check out our UDID Activations Service. […]

  279. […] to try iOS 5 beta? Check out our UDID Activations Service. Posted in iOS, Mac « iPod touch To Get 3G Or Possibly the iPhone Lite? You can […]

  280. I paid but it’s been 13 hours and still no email?

    1. If you paid you were activated, maybe the email was filtered

  281. Sorry lol it was in the spam folder! Thanks!

  282. iOS 5 is pretty cool I wonder what they will add with iOS 6 beta and I wonder if I’ll need a UDID activation / registration for it like I got on they have pretty cool blog post on what we might expect with the iOS 6 beta too check it out

  283. just paid.. how long does it take for activation

  284. Waiting for the activation, mon

  285. When will mine be activated?

  286. Hello,
    I just paid, can you let me know when my UDID will be active?
    Thank you!

    1. You’re now activated, enjoy!

  287. Is everything still a go as far as these activations are concerned? What’s the typical turnaround?

    1. A few minutes and you’ll be activated!

      1. And I’ll know by email confirmation? Thanks.

  288. do i need to pay again if i have just paid for Beta 2

  289. will i need to pay again for beta 3 if i only paid for beta 2 about a week ago.

    1. i dont think so. since your UDID is activated, any new Beta releases are available to you

  290. what’s the current wait time for UDID activations?

    1. Oops looks like i went too soon, not showing activated! hopefully soon!

      1. Hopefully soon! Would like to use my phone tomorrow morning. I can sleep on it for now… lol

        1. Haha! I’m gonna have a hard time lol, I went ahead and restored to 4.3.3 for now, I’ll just start over once I get confirmation. Shoulda waited lol!

          1. Time for bed for me. I’ll probably revert back also until I receive the e-mail. Good luck to you!

          2. Thank you kind sir! Updating now! Good luck to you as well Flippuccino!

          3. Btw, If I wanted to also get my iPad the update will I have to pay for it?

          4. Yes, each device is separate.

          5. ACTIVATED!! 😀

  291. sorry for the repeat post!

  292. What’s the wait time at the moment? It’s been 30 minutes.

    1. recieved, thanks!

  293. Hi, I just sent my payment could you please let me know when I’m activated?(

    1. That was quick! It´s been a pleasure doing business with you 😉

  294. […] iOS 5 UDID Activation Also check our sister-site for the many positive comments regarding the UDID Activation Service. Any questions just send us an e-mail or use the contact […]

  295. Hi I just sent my payment to you how long does it take to get activated?

  296. ios 5 beta 3 is now available! could you please post the links,

    1. They were posted, yesterday. 🙂

  297. Paid are we notified via email on activation?

  298. just paid

  299. just paid for my udid… approximately how long is the wait now?

  300. […] Looking to try iOS 5 beta? Check out our UDID Activations Service. […]

  301. […] to try iOS 5 beta? Check out our UDID Activations Service. Posted in Mac « Now Works Correctly On Verizon iPhone 4s You […]

  302. will everyone who purchases an activation get an email, or will it just happen?

    1. also up to how long can it take…?

      1. still waiting… -_-

  303. I also do activations. But, I don’t do it for $9.99 my price is $5.99! I;m SiteLock secure and MANY people have said that they enjoy my customer service and fast response. Go to or you can text me at 336-266-4823.

  304. just payed when will it be activated?

    1. You were activated in case you missed the emai.

  305. […] to try iOS 5 beta? Check out our UDID Activations Service. Posted in iOS « Amazon Is Selling Out of Snow Leopard You can leave a […]

  306. […] appledrunk Junior Member   Join Date: Jun 2011 Posts: 3 Member: 1602167 Status: Online We've activated over a thousand UDIDs and we're still going strong. Payment is fast and secure via PayPal. You'll normally be activated within a few minutes of payment. iOS 5 UDID Activations See our sister-site for the many positive comments: iOS Activations […]

  307. Done, just make payment

  308. Doing activations currently?

    1. Yep, you’re now activated.

      1. Spanks! You work fast :>

      2. Hi, I was registered with someone about a week ago now I’m getting error for beta 3 of ios5. Can I re register with someone else? Like u for instance

        1. Yes you can and it will work fine. Their account may have been suspended and that’s why you can no longer activate.

  309. And how much is donation

    1. 9.99, click the buy link above.

  310. Any open slots? I think udidactivation just ganked me out of 7.99…………

    1. Yep, activating right away now

  311. So when will i know when its activated?

  312. Am i activated now? And can i use itunes 10.5 to install beta 3 on my ipod touch 4th generation?

  313. is my UDID activated yet? thanks , adam

  314. can you give me detailed instructions how to upgrade? because my software 4.3.4 and when i try to restore it it says error 20, cannot restore ipod? please answer fast

    1. and click the install link

  315. Paid on When can I expect my email confirmation?

    1. EDIT: Your sister site.

  316. Hi, have my UDID been activated? Haven’t got any email

    1. Yes it has, I guess the email went to your junk folder?

      1. As far as I’m aware I don’t have one, but thanks a lot anyway! 🙂

  317. paid does this rly work?

    1. Yes, you’re now activated.

  318. got anymore slots for an ipad activation……..

    1. Yep, we have plenty of slots. You’ll be activated within a few minutes of payment.

  319. Hi,

    How do I find out if my UDID is activated yet? I just sent my payment, it was from…..


  320. Hi. How much time does this activation last?

  321. when i try to install ios 5 on my verizon iphone 4 after it extract it will give me this error “Unknown Error (20)” please help me.

  322. just paid what’s the eta?

  323. […] In order to use iOS 5 you will need to have your UDID registered. We offer UDID Activations right here! […]

  324. just paid how long until activated?

  325. hello! I have paid for my activation. I have yet to receive an email. When will my UDID be activated?

    1. my email address is

  326. Hi paid about an hour ago and still no email. How long does it take? Thanks p.s my email is or under

  327. I just paid 10mins ago. Am I activated ? email

  328. hi, I paid almost 3 hours ago and check junk email folder but no confirmation so far.. am I activated? mail is … (and paid around 3 hours ago) thanks!

    1. Yes, you are activated, enjoy!

  329. hi i paid about 15 min ago, I’m i activated? email is

  330. I just paid, when can I expect to be set up?

    1. Hi, you’re already set up. Enjoy!

  331. Antonio here just paid i need ASAP activation thanks

    Will this work for beta 4?

  332. Hi, I just paid, when can I expect to be set up?

  333. paid not too long ago. email is  when will i be activated?

    1. Email was sent, activated

  334. Paid.. what’s the wait time these days?

  335. i used this site for my iPad and iPhone ios5activate .  c. .o. .m their quite quick at activating it an the features for iOS 5 is sick i would use them again. get it now or wait until october.

  336. After its activated will i have to restore ios5 again if its currently on ios5 but giving message, not actiavted? Also please let me know when i’m activated

    1. No it will activate

  337. Slots still available?

    1. Yep, you’ll be activated within a few minutes of payment.

      1. I just paid then….

  338. Just paid through PayPal.

  339. hey
    email, paid about an hour ago but havent had an email, am i activated?

  340. Hi there, i paypaled you an activation about a week ago. Is my UDID activated? Haven’t recieved any mail yet and i’ve mailed you guys on the “udid” mail. Can you verify?

    Thanks in advance


  341. I got my UDID activated from you for ios 5 beta 1 can I update to beta 3 with the same activation, plz let me know, thanks 

  342. I got my UDID activated from you for ios 5 beta 1 can I update to beta 3 with the same activation, plz let me know, thanks 

  343. just bought about 15 minutes ago.….hows it looking on the activation side?

  344. i recieved an email from you saying you activated my udid, but it wont allow me to install ios 5 beta 4 on my iphone?!

    1. Follow the instructions on

  345. Dude it won’t allow me to update!?

  346. Dude it won’t allow me to update!?

    1. The error has nothing to do with being activated. The activation happens after you upgrade. Make sure you use Restore in iTunes..and also try using DFU mode if you still get an error.

      1. okay… it worked! i put my iphone 4 into DFU mode like you said. thanks!!!(:

  347. I keep getting an error!

  348. 2fa0ccbaa4b0b3570ce1377f185c67565aaf3f6bi ve paid already  ….  can u send me confirmation on email

  349. How fast can I get my udid activated if I buy now?

  350. Just ordered… Hows the activation side looking?

  351. Paid about 15 minutes ago when will i be activated???????

  352. just paid about 15 mins ago, am I activated?

  353. Great activation time. I had barely opened my email about two minutes later and the email had already arrived.

  354. Great activation time. I had barely opened my email about two minutes later and the email had already arrived.

  355. just made the payment, am i through? how much time would it take john?

  356. Still have slot ?

  357. how much time do i need for activation

  358. hello

    I have bot the activation from here few days back and it worked but again the signal is off and its asking me to activate!?

    1. It should activate again fine.

      1. it doesn’t, failed to activate

        do i have to do something or just wait?

  359. I recently purchased the registration yesterday for $10.00. When will I receive a confirmation email stating that my iPhone UDID has been registered?

    1. You were emailed, you’re activated.

  360. Just paid 12 min ago (paypal{at}raymondkorn{dot}com), will I be activated soon?

  361. Hi, i just made payment ( can you tell me if im activated yet? Thanks!!

  362. Hi, i just made payment ( can you tell me if im activated yet? Thanks!!

  363. Hi, i just made payment ( can you tell me if im activated yet? Thanks!!

  364. Hi, i just made payment ( can you tell me if im activated yet? Thanks!!

  365. I was activated on 7/25 ( and had to restore back to ios4 due to issues with iphone 4.  Now I can’t reinstall ios5.  Any idea what the problem is.

    1. I’m installing beta 3 with beta 3 itunes.  itunes says it cannot reach apple servers to confirm software

  366. Beta 5 has been released. When will you add links to download beta 5?

    1. Let’s go let’s go Beta 5 need links…

  367. Apple is gonna shut you down

  368. its still not activated WAITING SINCE 50 HOURS ALMOST thoh it was activated since a month PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Your beta probably expired and you need to install a newer beta. It will then work again.

  369. I just paid, how long until im activated???

  370. Still have slots available? Is it the newest beta??

      1. thanks.. is it stable enough for every day use?

          1. just paid.. which should I download?

  371. Is this true?
    “According to recent reports, it seems like Apple has been terminating accounts of those developers that have been selling iOS 5 UDID activations online. If you have had your UDID activated for a fee, there is a possibility that you might not be able to upgrade to iOS 5 beta 5, if the developer that activated your UDID for a fee has had their account terminated by Apple.”

  372. Hello, how many time for my activation you think? Sorry for my por english.

  373. It’s ok. Very fast! Thank’s guy.

  374. still have a slot available i need to be activated asap…im on ios 5 beta 5

  375. Are you available for activation now?

      1. Paid

  376. Just paid now, how long will it be ? 🙂

  377. Are you still activating, if so how much pls?

    1. Just use the donate button