iOS 7 beta 1 Downloads!

iOS 7 Beta download links inside!

All download links for iOS 7 beta (11A4372q) will be posted later this evening. To install any iOS beta you will need your UDID Activated.

This download weighs in at a hefty 1.2GB for the iPhone 5 version – maybe the largest iOS yet?

iPhone 5 A1428 GSM iOS 7 Beta 1 Torrent

iPhone 5 A1429 CDMA iOS 7 Beta 1 Torrent

iPhone 4S iOS 7 Beta 1 Torrent

iPhone 4 GSM iOS 7 Beta 1 Torrent

iPhone 4 GSM Rev A iOS7 Beta 1

iPhone 4 CDMA iOS 7 Beta 1

iPod Touch 5th Gen iOS 7 Beta 1

Apple TV 3rd Gen Rev A iOS 7 Beta 1

Apple TV 3rd Gen iOS 7 Beta 1

Apple TV 2nd Gen iOS 7 Beta 1

MobileDevice Installer

Find My iPhone 2.0.3


Apple’s activation servers are experiencing issues. You may get a message  after installing iOS 7 (after having your UDID activated) that the device is not part of the Developer Program. If this happens you can wait it out or place your iDevice into DFU mode and restore to iOS 6. Note that many users are reporting success using Option+Update (instead of Restore) in iTunes to install iOS7 from 6.

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  • paki619

    No one will do it for free. You may register udid at I registered last year. This year i have paid them but still pending. will likely be done soon.

  • bean

    after the install it said i am not registered

  • Apple Drunk

    Hi, Apple’s servers are having patient and it will activate. If you want to have a working phone without waiting you can put the device into DFU mode and reinstall iOS 6.

  • Todd

    Just paid about 10 minutes ago and checked with paypal and it went through. Just wondering when it’ll be up and running

  • Kenneth

    Same thing. I suppose i will be patient for Apple’s servers to behave themselves.

  • Oscar Echeverria

    How long is the wait? I paid a few hours ago….

    • Apple Drunk

      Hi, everyone has been activated, you should have been too

      • Oscar Echeverria

        How do i download it?, the links don’t work for me

  • XaoS

    I got a mail saying “activated” after I bought UDID registration. Does it means that I’m good to go?

    • Apple Drunk


  • Paul

    Can someone confirm after the time of this post (11:45pm EST) that the servers are working for activation? I don’t want to install it until I know they work.

  • Cody

    Selling UDID activations for $5! Email your UDID to me at


    PayPal is accepted only!

  • ocjosh714

    are the links not working for everyone else to?

  • jefry

    Transaction ID: 7CG85000XW502911G
    paypal, paid already.

    please let me know if already activated

  • Mike Castillo

    Selling UDID activations for $5! Email your UDID to me at

    PayPal is accepted only!

  • alrog

    I’m still waiting for the activation mail…3 hours…

  • Esteban Junior

    payment ID: 8PY027493T368810W.
    paid already.

    please let me know if already activated thx

  • Oscar Echeverria

    Is this working or no? I paid last night and still nothing wtf!

  • Jeremy

    Hi I paid last night and gave my udid but did not see a place for my email. Do you get it thru PayPal or did I screw up?

    • Apple Drunk

      You were emailed, activated

  • Faththah

    So Fast. I love You Apple Drunk. This is So Fast., My iPhone4S is Activated and Running iOS 7.
    Thank You So Much

  • Phillip Estacio

    I got a message saying my UDID has been activated, but it is not working.

  • Mitch

    Hello just sent payment and udid in just wondering how long it will be before activation

  • Mitch

    Still waiting for my certificate to have imod work

  • steve

    how long is the normal wait after i pay?

    • Apple Drunk

      A minute usually

      • steve

        yeah this is my first time, i would be downloading via apple or i would have to find the files myself? thanks

  • steve

    which am i supposed to buy of the 2 options?

  • steve

    just sent the payment, hopefully its up tonight..thanks!!

  • jimi

    i installed ios7…and now waiting for activation, Is this the correct procedure?

    • Apple Drunk

      Yes, if you paid you were activated (though I wouldn’t as advise anyone to install it before getting activated as the phone will not work until it’s activated)

      • Shashank Somani

        I have paid but havent got a confirmation mail for udid activation and I tried loading iOS 7 and it said that my udid is nonot registered. How long will it take?

  • trevor

    I’m new to this and i have never downloaded a torrent file so could someone please explain to me how it works. im running windows 7 if that makes any diffrence.

  • Shashank Somani

    How long do we have to wait after making the payment? I made the payment an hour ago and paypal says it went through but I haven’t got a mail saying UDID has been activated.

  • Neverdecaf

    No errors or problems, worked instantly and perfectly! :)

  • G

    i updated and now im in recovery mode. It wont let me restore or update. Any ideas?

  • nicolas hyams

    Hi i purchased it and i havnt got it.I got the confirmation email from paypal. How long does it take?

    • Apple Drunk

      Hi you were emaiked

  • nicolas hyams

    Umm this might be a stupid question but what is DFU mode. Also i am on ios 7 but with the one without a udid how long will it be until beta 2 comes out?

  • Ian

    Hi, I paid with paypal and forgot to put udid in comment box but sent email to with my udid. How long will it take please to activate? Thanks

    • Apple Drunk

      Hi, you were activated with the UDID you emailed. Thanks

  • David

    made payment hours ago, no feedback as off now, I’m stuck with this silly locked iOS7… a bit of help?

  • David

    Just a quick question. I paid hours ago to you, nevertheless I downloaded the IPSW from another server (who has the same service as yours), are the files different from one server to another, or will the activation of my UDID will unlock it regardless of where I’ve downloaded it.
    PS: I would very much appreciate to get my activation quickly, it’s my only phone, my provider of internet (data, I have nothing else), my notebook, my MP3 etc.

    I tried to downgrade to 6.1.2 (file that I had already on my laptop and that works) but there is an error.

    Thank you for your understanding

    • Apple Drunk

      Hi, regardless of where you get the file it will work as long as it’s the forrect ipsw for your model iPhone. Thanks (and you were activated)

  • Todd

    I am excited to get the activation.

    • Apple Drunk

      Hi Todd, you were activated just before (in case you didn’t see the email)

  • nicolas hyams

    Hello i bought my activation thang last night and still havent got a email saying its activated.Please help.

    • Apple Drunk

      Hi, you were emailed and activated

      • nicolas hyams

        so do i not get a email?

        • Apple Drunk

          I can only send to your PayPal email.. I have no way of knowing which email you use but you were emailed. Thanks

  • Jumbo

    Paid a little while ago and haven’t received an email. What is the expected wait time?


    wont let me download on my phone. what is the correct proccess?

  • Xyl

    Hi. Paid yesterday and didnt recieve nothing!

    • Apple Drunk

      Hi, your PayPal email bounced back! You were activated, enjoy :)

  • Man7a

    can u activate please ?
    waiting around few hours = need ios 7 :D

  • Man7a

    just got the mail,its activated, but what about the certificate to sign apps ?

  • Mar6

    Just paid. How long till activated? Please reply

  • Paul Mazzano

    Dude, wheres the email, your site says ” A few minutes” and im still waiting, wheres the email, not very good really is it, im reading all these comments now wondering have i been scammed

    • Apple Drunk

      You were emailed. Activations are entered manually and as such cannot be registered in minutes at all times…but usually are. Thanks

    • Paul Mazzano

      My Apologies, all done, and i am just realising your im America, so i didn’t take into account time zones. thanks

  • Kaiser

    Hi, I have paid and received the email. Whenever I try to restore to iOS7, I keep getting error messages (Error3194, User iPhone cannot be updated). Anyone with any idea what to do now??

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