iOS 5 beta 3 Downloads

Check inside for links.

To use these betas you will need to get your UDID registered.

iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 Mac

iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 Windows

iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 Windows 64 bit


iOS 5 Beta 3 iPhone 4 GSM (Fixed!)

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPhone 4 CDMA

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPad 2 WiFi Only

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPad 2 CDMA

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPad 2 GSM

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPad

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPhone 3GS

Apple TV Beta 3 Software

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPod Touch (3rd gen)

iOS 5 Beta 3 iPod Touch (4th gen)

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  • Lee Johnson

    anyone got a link for iOS 5 beta 3

  • Chr1s60

    First links I have found.  Got iTunes now I just need the beta 3 for iPhone and iPad.

    • Blah

      error 14 is still happening on both your links

      • Apple Drunk

        I checked the files are they work fine. Try putting the device in DFU mode first. If that doesn’t work try removing and reinstalling iTunes.

        • Pstonehill

          Dfu mode and reinstalling the latest beta iTunes doesn’t work for me.

  • Kenneth Scott

    Nice!! Beta 3 is downloading smoothly . . . I just need iTunes 32 bit

  • Kenneth Scott

    Wow, i must still be sleep cause its clearly the middle one -_-

  • Cartbean

    wheres the ipad 2 download?

  • theolaz

    iPad 1G link please!!!!

  • Cartbean

    Help!  Getting Unknown Error (14)  What to do??

    • Apple Drunk

      Yep, I had that issue as well…seems some of Apple’s servers have a bad file..I’ll reupload it soon.

      • Cartbean

        Please let us know when you do!  Glad to hear its not just me!

      • Dave

        thanks a bunch! 

      • Dave

        Great! Downloading it all ready! Thank for the fast response

    • Throys

      I’m also getting this error, any help

    • Dave

      same here… 

    • wulf

      did you ever solve your error 14? What did you do? I have downloaded multiple versions, still always getting error 14? 

      • Apple Drunk

        Sorry about that guys, I’ll have to take those links down, should have working versions.

      • Apple Drunk

        Interesting, shows it was an issue with Apple’s servers…files were coming in as corrupted. I’ll try and get these reuploaded in a bit

  • Bjadsdad

    this is the ole itunes version (mac) i think

    • Bjadsdad


  • Kenneth Scott

    So what seems to be the problem? I’m still getting error 14?

    • Apple Drunk

      Not on the that new link. The old version was corrupt. Download it again.

      • Kenneth Scott

        Thanks! I just need 57 Minutes more for the new link to download! I can’t wait 

      • Mike

        Still getting error 14 on the CDMA version

        • Apple Drunk

          These links are now fixed for anyone wondering.

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  • Mickbrucknerm

    these links dont work. there are 4 files to download and they are .rar
    help… anyone know any working ios 5 beta 3 download links that work unlike the ones listed below?

  • john

    i downloaded itunes and ios 5. now how do i get in on my iphone

  • Mike

    Getting an invalid checksum error on the beta3 iphone4 CDMA links

  • Apple Drunk

    If you receive an error 14 try downloading from

    • wulf

      actually I have downloaded the file there, twice, keep getting that @#$ error 14…

    • Coex321

      i had the same error.. and i read somewhere that it’s because i shift + left clicked ‘restore’ and added the .ipsw file instead of shift + left clicking ‘update’.
      Now i’m getting error 3002. grrrrr!

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