iOS 5 beta 2 Downloads

Check inside for a list of iOS 5 beta 2 links

Note these betas will not work unless your iDevice’s UDID is activated. You can go here to get your UDID activated.

iTunes 10.5 beta 2 Mac OS X (will only sync with beta 2)

iTunes 10.5 beta 2 Windows 32bit (will only sync with beta 2)

iTunes 10.5 beta 2 Windows 64 bit (will only sync with beta 2)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPhone 4 GSM)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPhone 4 CDMA)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPad 2 WiFi)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPad 2 GSM)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPad 2 CDMA)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPad)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPhone 3GS)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPod touch 3rd generation)

iOS 5 beta 2 (iPod touch 4th generation)

Apple TV Software beta 2

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  • Rickjohn Dodge

    when will the links be availble

  • Rickjohn Dodge

    ok dismiss my last comment but what about windows 10.5 beta 2

  • Timothyjaycolburn

    there isnt a windoesnt beta

  • Penpal1234567890

    No link for iPad 1?

    • Apple Drunk

      Soon, all links will be up within 20 minutes

  • Cat Hoffman

    Will you be adding first gen ipad updates?

  • max stoller

    just sitting here refreshing 🙂 thanks man

  • llvllr.llvllo

    Can you link iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 for Win as well please?

  • :)

    how about the direct link to itunes 10.5 beta 2 for 64bit win

    • llvllr.llvllo

       can link for 32 bit as well please?

      • Apple Drunk


        • llvllr.llvllo

          Thank you

  • Blackjackqueen

    r u doing *.ipsw files

  • llvllr.llvllo

    Noticed files are .dmg files… Install them the same as previous iOS 5 Beta 1? Previous files were .ipsw files.

    • Apple Drunk

      DMG is the standard Mac disk image format, once the image is opened the ipsw is inside.

      • llvllr.llvllo

        So to open these files in Win… i would need a converter?

        • llvllr.llvllo

          Please disreguard previous comment… Installed and working great. Thank you!

        • Bryanortunio

          How did you open the file on windows? i can not figure it out

          • Apple Drunk

            There are converters, but I don’t use Windows so don’t know of any. You can try imzdl.con for ipsw links

  • Pedro Cassian

    the 3gs link is actually beta 1 not beta 2, the file name has the new build, but I just installed it, and in settings it shows the build number for beta 1, and also it won’t sync with iTunes 10.5 beta 2, which is how I found out something was wrong

  • Muhamad Ariel Maseri

    Hey there, I’ve got my iOS Beta 1 activated. Do I need to get another activation of my UDID for Beta 2 as well?

    • llvllr.llvllo

      No, Once your UDID is activated for Developer Beta your set untill final release. Ex: iOS 5 Beta Activations will work untill final release of iOS 5, however upon beta of the next version (iOS 6) you would need to be re activated.

      • Muhamad Ariel Maseri

        Thanks for the info.

    • Apple Drunk


  • Psydrug

    Thank YOU !!!

  • Bryanortunio

    how do i change the file .dmg to .ipsw?

  • Jeff Bob

    Why .dmg is posted idk

    Just use

    its .ipsw fast direct beta 2 links

  • Jeff Bob

    Fast .IPSW links for windows users
    Beta 2

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